Rev. Jay Christianson (Senior Pastor)
Pastor Jay has been serving in pastoral and teaching ministry for the last 25 years. He first became excited about the Jewish Roots of Christianity in 1986. Since that time, his studies have led him to become a teacher, speaker, tour leader, Jewish-Christian Dialogue participant, and outspoken advocate for Israel and the Jewish community. Pastor Jay holds a B. A. in Pastoral Studies from North Central University and a B.A. from the University of Minnesota. He's led two tours to Israel and participated in an intense three week training session in Israel while he served as North Central Area Coordinator for the Jerusalem-based ministry, Bridges For Peace. Jay is an enthusiastic teacher who focuses on understanding the Bible from the original Hebraic-Jewish context. He is known for his work in interdenominational cooperation and interfaith understanding, specifically between Christians and Jews. Jay and his wife Jeanne have four children (two still at home) and they currently reside in Burnsville, MN. 

Jay Rosengren (Elder)
Jay (wife, Carol) also joined Issachar Community in 2017. Jay is an avid student of the Bible and loves to learn about the Jewish Roots of our faith in order to understand the Bible more fully.

Earl Karsikas (Elder)
Earl also joined the congregation as an elder in 2017. Earl is also an avid student of the Bible. He has traveled to Israel and has a great love for the Land. He has a great heart for prayer!

Dan Darrow (Elder)