Issachar Community's Book of Daniel class @ Redeeming Love Church, White Bear, MN

Issachar Community Book of Daniel class
led by Pastor Jay Christianson

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm
Redeeming Love Church, Maplewood, MN

This remarkable book covers a panorama of God's mercy and grace across millennia!

This class will run a minimum of 12 weeks depending on discussion. It will excite you and likely challenge some "traditional" evangelical beliefs about the End Times chain of events and characters. You'll learn some Israel history of the 400 years before Yeshua and be stoked when you see how God protects his people and controls empires!

If you want to attend, please let the Issachar Community office know ( If you want printed notes (cost) or pdf files (no cost), include that in your email.

Class requirements: Read through the Book of Daniel in advance. Bring your Bible. Bring materials to take notes. Bring an inquisitive mind. Bring questions. Leave egos at home. 😁

Not required but of great benefit and highly recommended - Joel Richardson's books Mideast Beast and The Islamic AntiChrist. You can find them on Amazon. Please begin reading them before class. They will be important from Daniel 7 onward through the class.

Schedule (watch this space for changes if needed for weather or personal schedules!)

3/17 - class (ch. 8)
3/24 - class (ch. 9)
3/31 - NO CLASS
4/7 - NO CLASS
4/14 - class (ch. 10)
4/21 - class (ch. 10)
4/28 - class (ch. 11)
5/5 - class (ch. 12)
5/12 - possible class to finish up.