Our Special Sabbath Service!

A Sabbath congregation for those who are exploring the Jewish Roots of Christianity
Why is this Sabbath congregation different from all others?
  • A great "entry-level" Hebraic/Jewish Roots group.
  • Evangelical - the Bible is our standard for faith and practice.
  • Spirit-filled - we're open to the leadership and gifts of the Holy spirit in a safe and responsible environment.
  • Worship - a unique mix between contemporary worship style and traditional synagogue elements.
  • Real Discipleship - we study the Bible so we can live it in our daily lives. We "study to learn, learn to do."

Vision Overview
This new congregation has established the following as key components of our vision:
  • Evangelical, Spirit-filled congregation that teaches, trains, and lives in a Hebraic perspective.

  • Teaching the Jewish roots of Christianity without making people feel they have to observe certain practices in order to be accepted. We promote biblical practice as the Holy Spirit leads us.

  • The Torah is the foundation of God's Word and all of the Bible is crucial to spiritual life and maturity.

  • Worship is intended to engage people with the Living God, while providing opportunities during worship to pray for and encourage people.

  • Develop mature, wise, and decisive leadership for proper congregation care.

  • Encourage relationship building among those who regard themselves as part of the congregation.

  • Teach and model lifestyle evangelism.

  • Loving outreach to Jews and Gentiles in practical ways.

  • Promote Feast celebration, conferences, and seminars to provide additional teaching and training to the community at large.